Knysna Ziplines

Knysna Ziplines

Knysna ziplines – Earmarked to be one of the most amazing zipline tours in the World will open this year. Situated 8 Km on the N2 just outside of Knysna on the way to Plettenberg Bay.

The Knysna Ziplines tour will be unique in a number of ways.  It will also undoubtable be the bench mark for the Zipline industry in South Africa and Africa. The office where briefing and administration will take place is situated next to the N2. Conveniently located as a restaurant and filling station.

On Arrival guests will have a short introduction to the experience and what to expect. The guides will then take over and ensure your fitted with the correct equipment – fit for safety and comfort.
Our vehicle will then take the participants on an amazing forest drive experience through the Harkerville forest. The knowledgeable guides will also be able to field any questions relating to the forest and the wild life.

After a short drive the forest canopy opens and in front of you is the Knysna Ziplines. The extreme adventure awaits and your immediate thought might be am I truly not afraid of heights..

The Knysna Ziplines tour cables varies in lengths. The shortest of 380 Meters to the longest of just under 700 meters. As you zig zag along the amazing gorge your approach to wards the ocean for the final slides becomes more exciting. The Hight’s of the cables will be an estimated 250 Meters above the forest canopy below and you will from the first zipline experience the magnitude of this world class zipline site.

We are looking forward to bringing visitors and locals one of the most unique product offerings to the Garden Route, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and South Africa. The Knysna Ziplines site will be our 5th Zipline site in South Africa and we intend on pushing the experience to the next level of extreme ziplines.



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