Our Field has relocated to the Caledon Hotel & Spa property – 21 Km from Hermanus.

Our Paintball Fields has hosted thousands of players from Bachelors parties to huge corporate bookings. If your looking for a paintball game ticking all the boxes then look no further.

We only play with compressed air to ensure that our equipment has an extra shelf life. If you have your own equipment then you will need to ensure that your market is compatible with compressed air.  Bookings for our paintball field is essential as we are extremely popular and we sometimes host up to 6 games a day.


As well as braai facilities if you require such services – this needs to be pre-booked and is an additional R250 for the group – please note we do not allow any braai or parties to continue after 17:00 unless prearranged and agreed upon.

We also provide overalls for players over 16 at an additional cost of R25 p.p.

From R250 / person minimum of 8 players

Overalls must be pre-booked at a cost of R20 p.p

We do not allow players to be intoxicated and we reserve the right to breathalyze the group and no refunds will be given to the player or players  if under the influence.  Play first then enjoy the drinks plz. We are very strict on this please inform all in your group of our policy


For more info contact 079 495 3987.

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