Sa Forest Adventures Rewards and Loyalty Program

Sa Forest Adventures rewards and loyalty program. Please note – you need to subscribe to our loyalty program to be entitled to the rewards and discounts offered. Simply join for free and already get 25% off your first booking.

We have identified the need for a proper adventure rewards and loyalty program in South Africa.

Most South African adventure activities are costly to the local domestic market. We are happy to announce that we now offer South African visitors a discounted rate to any of our premises and on all of our Adventure activities.

Participate in any of our adventure activities and accumulate rewards on our unique tailor made loyalty program.  The more you interact, the more active you are within our Adventure community the more rewards you will unlock. Once sighed up the discount and rewards program automatically takes over and offers you the best deals possible. Sa Forest Adventures rewards and loyalty program – works for you.


As one of South Africa`s Leading adventure companies it was only natural to reward our thousands of Local South African Clients.

We absolutely LOVE adventure and we know that you do too! So, to ensure that you keep on enjoying the excitement that SA Forest Adventures has to offer, by simply signing up you automatically get 25% off of all the chosen activities with us! It really is that simple…

We have 3 categories.

1. Novice Adventurer – Level 1 | 100 Points

2. Wandering Warrior – Level 2 | 300 Points

3. Adrenaline Junkie – Level 3 | 500 Points

we would love to hear form you if you have any questions regarding how our membership works please feel free to email us at info@saforestadventures.co.za one of our friendly staff will assist as soon as possible. Brows our website and have a look at some of the amazing adventure activities we offer…. It wont take you to long before you book your first Sa Forest Adventures activity.

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