Cape Town Sandboarding

Sandboarding in Cape Town is a fun outdoor adventure

Sandboarding is a boarding Sport similar to the popular Snowboarding.


Sandboarding in Cape Town

It is an awesome recreational activity. Cape Town Sandboarding takes place in Houtbay. This boarding sport has adherents throughout the world, most prevalently in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes.

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We are very fortunate to have one of Africas Highest Commercial Sand Boarding Dunes. Sandboarding in and around Cape Town and in Bettys Bay takes place daily.
Our guides/s will provide you with training and safety on the dune. Boarding is a wonderful activity as its both fun and extreme (depending on your skills as you progress) Once our training session has finished we will start off with a smaller section of the dune. We will progress Higher and Higher up on the dune as your skills improve. Please note that for groups we do not allow everyone a board to slide down the dune at once as it may result in injuries.

So what ells do you need to know:

The norm is to stand on the Sandboard as you descend down the dune but if you prefer to rather sit we will show you the ropes as this is also a lot of fun if your balance seems to get the better of you.
Sandboarding is ideal for individuals but also extremely entertaining for larger groups and teambuilding options. We visit the dunes once a day and individuals or small groups can join at short notice.

With daily sandboarding in Cape Town adventures you will be sure to experience fun in the sun adventures.  We operate mainly from the Dune in Bettys Bay near the scenic Clarence Drive but if this is to far from your Cape Town destination (only 50 minutes away) we can also visit the Dunes in Houtbay regularly. The Dune in Bettys Bay is However as mentioned one of the best in Africa to Sandboard on.  The Houtbay dunes are Ideal for a nice 2 to 3 hour adventure. Sandboarding in Cape town is a must…..

Please note we don’t take a sandboard per person we normally have a good amount of boards we rotate. The reason for this is not only does it minimize the effect on the dune from an environmental  perspective but its also a safety factor.


Please note – rain does affect our sandboarding. Please contact us the morning of your booking to ensure that the dune is still operational. If in the event of bad weather we will refund or move your booking to a more suitable date. The choice is yours…

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