What better way than to have your summer party spend in and around water.

Blobbing is an outdoor water activity in which a participant sits on the end of a partially inflated air bag (known as a water trampoline or blob) and is launched into the water when another participant jumps onto the air bag from a platform on the opposite side. The activity is popular at summer camps in North America

We have the perfect entertainment to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

We have the prefect sites in Hermanus  where we blow it up for your party – or if you have a venue – We bring the Blob to you. We setup, give training and also provide safety as part of the cost.

The Blob has a number of tricks to it and its not as simple as just jumping on to the large inflatable but the staff will assist where possible.

The basic rule to Blobbing is: one person in front and two jumping together on the back and we have flight!

Below is a compilation (not our compilation) of what to expect..

Do something Different — BLOB!!

Cost range from R3500 for 2 hours


Blob - Sa Forest Adventures

We do not allow participants to be intoxicated and we reserve the right to breathalyze. Participants under the influence will not be allowed to participate. Play first then enjoy the drinks please. We are very strict on this, so please inform all in your group of our policy.

A Slow Motion Example Below of How its done – HOW TO BLOB

The original blobs used were military surplus items. The “blob” was nothing other than a floating fuel tank that ships could tow. Since oil and gas floats on top of water, the fuel-filled bladders floated next to the ships. The first blobbers were the sailors who would jump from the ship, onto the “blob.”

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