Cape Adventure Day Tour

Cape Adventure Day Tour

Catering for your Adventure needs

Catering for your Adventure needs

The Cape Adventure Day Tour Package Includes:

  1. Full day free guided transport from start to end.
  2. Visit to the Penguin Colony in Betty`s Bay. (Maintenance on the road might affect this activity)
  3. Travel the famous Coastal Road “Clarence Drive” – one of the top ten most scenic coastal roads in the world!
  4. Sandboard one of Africa’s highest dunes
  5. Picnic lunch (soft drink included)
  6. Guided quad bike (ATV) trail amongst the Fynbos in a nature reserve 
  7. A Zipline Tour

Our Trips depart daily from central Cape Town and bookings are essential.

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Full Descriptions and pictures of our Cape Adventure Day Tour activities are available below:
Pick up and return to the  Cape Town Central for your full day adventure trip.

Cape Adventure Day Tour – ACTIVITY 1

Quad biking activity – Mountain Drive +- 1h30

No previous experience required. Our quad bike trail in Hermanus is a must as it is rated as one of the top trails in South Africa and has often been featured in movies, commercials, and on a number of travel agent itineraries.

Depart from our base camp on one of our routes on this amazing Fynbos farm. The trail is easy to moderate and the guides will ensure you have a memorable experience. The trail starts with a curvy and flat drive but slowly as you get the hang of it the tour starts heading up the mountains and past the Honingklip Dam. The views are some of the best from our trails we offer.

The fleet of bikes is easy to drive and we also expect our clients to respect our rules such as safe following distance and speed limits at certain points. We will also put you on a short safety drive to ensure your comfortable with the longer trail ahead. Our Honingklip trail is ideally situated on the main road towards Hermanus if you travel from Cape Town. 

Cape Adventure Day Tour – ACTIVITY 2

Zipline Tour

Experience the wonders of the unique ziplines near Caledon, as you glide amidst the lush vegetation encircled by wildlife. Towering above the ground the slides range from 8 to 18 meters high. Scattered below, the vegetation fluctuates from abundant ivy cloaking the soil, to magnificent old oak trees, to the soft soothing sounds of the poplar leaves whispering in the wind. As you soar from one platform to the next you are immersed in the sounds of the wild, a variety of birds and animals linger in the vicinity. The echo of the small stream gurgling over the rocks below adds to the tranquil ambiance. The 12 platforms, 12 slides vary from a short 60 meters which can be enjoyed by children to an astonishing distance of 200 meters long.  The ziplines are accompanied with a safe breaking system, so you can ultimately control the speed you travel at.  For the adventurer, this can be the ideal experience with a total length of 1.2km. However, if you merely want to enjoy the unforgettable surroundings and glide as a leisurely pace this can also ensure the experience of a lifetime at our Caledon Tree Top Zipline Tour.

Cape Adventure Day Tour – ACTIVITY 3


Sandboarding is a boarding Sport similar to the popular Snowboarding.

It is an awesome recreational activity that takes place on our Large +- 230 meter high sand dune rather than on a snow covered mountain. This boarding sport has adherents throughout the world, most prevalently in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes.

We are very fortunate to have one of Africa’s Highest Commercial Sand Boarding Dunes a stone throw away from Cape Town                    in Betty’s Bay.
Our guides/s will provide you with training and safety on the dune. Sandboarding is a wonderful activity as its both fun and extreme (depending on your skills as you progress). Once our training session has finished we will start off with a smaller section of the dune. We will progress higher and higher up on the dune as your skills improve.

The norm is to stand on the Sandboard as you descend down the dune but if you prefer to rather sit we will show you the ropes as this is also a lot of fun if your balance seems to get the better of you. We do not allow more than 6 to 8 boards at a time coming down the dune as its a safety risk. We rotate larger groups to ensure all have fun in a safe environment.

Cape Adventure Day Tour– Penguin Colony visit

The African (or Jackass) Penguins’ breeding ground at Stony Point is near an old abandoned whaling station where, from 1917 until the Great Depression, around 300 whales were killed each year for their oil. The whaling station finally closed in 1930 and without any particular reason, the penguins started to breed at the abandoned station.

The site has been declared a protected area. A wooden boardwalk takes visitors directly to the nesting burrows but also effectively keep people from causing damage to the area.

The African Penguin grows to approximately 70cm tall and weighs up to 3 kilograms. Regarded as an endangered species, they mate for life and returns to the same nesting site for up to 15 years.


Clarence Drive

One of the most scenic roads in the world! Clarence Drive is a magnificent scenic coastal drive between the windswept hamlet of Rooi-Els and the naval town of Gordons Bay, which nestles in the north-eastern crook of False Bay in the shadow of the Hottentots Hollands mountains. This beautiful, coastal drive stretches between the two towns over 22 km, hugging the wild turquoise Cape coastline all the way. This road is a wonderful experience along the coast to the town of Hermanus.

Please note this is a set itinerary but the order of the days proceedings may be swapped around depending on a number of factors such as weather etc.

(soon we will also launch our Cape Adventure Peninsula Tours)

(private group tours can also be Tailor made- contact us for more info)

Check Availability and Book Online

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