Ziplines Upgraded in Hermanus and Caledon


New Upgraded Zipline Experience in Hermanus and at our Caledon Adventure Farm as well.

Two of our current adventure farms (in Hermanus and the other in Caledon along the N2)  have undergone upgrades to enhance the guests experience even further.

The Hermanus Zip lines now extend in to the mountain and zip lining over a small waterfall between the Poplar Trees and Canyon makes this an even more memorable experience. To also further enhance the experience we have created a large quad train to transport guests up to the starting point – no more long walks to get to the start.

 The Caledon Zip lines (N2) have now extended with 2 longer additional cables – the start is basically from our office stoep and the end now zip lines over a stream into our lushes Ivy Forest with massive Poplar trees surrounding the end.

Cape Town Zip lines – As your aware we do have a site in Cape Town where we envisage placing our Zip lines – We have delay our plans for an additional  year but we will keep you updates – We are in no hurry to open…… as we have secured a Site in Gauteng we would like to develop before the Cape Town opening.   

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