Tsogo Sun – Caledon Hotel & Spa



An Icon of Memories

Tsogo Sun has one of the widest distributions of hotels in Africa, the Middle East and the Seychelles.

A portfolio of 95 hotels, with over 14 500 rooms, delivers tailor-made experiences to our guests, both local and international, who can choose from outstanding deluxe hotels through to quality budget properties.

Over 42 years of success in the industry has not made them complacent, and they continue to revolutionise the hospitality industry with their innovative spirit, bold management and unsurpassed levels of service.

They set their standards high and these are reflected in their warm welcomes;  efficient and courteous service; gracious hospitality; superior local and international cuisine; quality accommodation and leisure facilities appropriate to each given hotel brand.

SA Forest Adventures has a new adventure site at the Caledon Hotel & Spa. We are extremely excited with the developments and our Adventure farm will offer an adventure experience of note at the wonderful Caledon Hotel And Spa.

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